Developing Inclusivity, Equality, Stewardship, Strong Body, Strong Mind and Strong Character.


Coach certifications, PMBI 2,  NICA level 3, National Strength and Conditioning Association CSCS
Head Coach:

Why is coaching the Duluth Enduro team important to you?
Our local cycling scene in the Duluth area is exploding especially the gravity scene. Coaching the DEVO Enduro not only allows me to pass on my knowledge and love for the sport but also to help grow responsible ambassadors for the sport ensuring the growth and respect of a truly amazing sport and community in our local area.

What do you hope to inspire in our young riders?​
I hope to inspire a sense of belonging in the cycling community, enjoyment of riding, equality, and inclusivity for all individuals, a strong sense of stewardship for the sport and land our trails are on.

Brief cycling history:
+ Assistant coach on DCT and head strength coach at Duluth MTB DEVO strength and core program.
+ Former Fort Lewis College cycling team alumni raced in downhill, dual slalom, cross country, and short track.
+ 2014 NICA varsity Minnesota state champion on the DCT team.


Assistant Coach, PMBI 1   

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Assistant Coach, Spirit mtn. bike & ski patrol, OEC,  NICA 2   

Why is coaching the Duluth Enduro team important to you?
Enduro Is a mountain bike race format I really enjoy, and this is an opportunity to introduce new riders to the sport.

What do you hope to inspire in our young riders?​
Love of mountain biking, and a desire to support the trail systems they ride on.

Brief cycling history:
+ three years racing high school XC through the NICA league on the DCT team
+  5-6 years of Enduro racing in the midwest


Ride Leader   

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coaching certs: CrossFit Level 2, CrossFit Kids, National Strength and Conditioning Association CSCS, USA Hockey Level 3, CPR/First Aid
Ride Leader: 
Why is coaching Enduro important?
My son rides for the enduro team and I love that style of riding. It has made me a much better rider and allows me to ride recreationally with him and his friends without being a liability. I also enjoy coaching and interacting with youth athletes.
What do I hope to inspire in our athletes?
I hope to show them that these are life-long skills they are developing and that hopefully, they can enjoy doing this with their kids someday like I am doing with mine. Fitness is an often overlooked but critical component of being a good enduro rider. By improving my fitness as an old man, I am able to keep up with the youngsters and perform the same skills they are developing. The fun factor is also a huge part of why I enjoy riding and being a part of a young group of riders and coaches. Developing relationships and being outside is not only healthy, but fun!
Brief cycling history:
I rode mountain bikes as a kid growing up in British Columbia in the early 1990’s. My first mountain bike was a 1992 Rocky Mountain Hammer. I took about 25 years off from riding and started back up in 2019 with my son. Tried out enduro in 2020 and fell in love with it.




We are a part of the Duluth MTB DEVO non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Duluth DEVO’s programming includes 2nd through 12th grades including basic skills, competitive and adventure based riding, adult skills clinics and off season training. We strive to be a positive influence on local youth through the cycling community. We have over 250 athletes of all ages and backgrounds.